Mimart Yayincilik ve Organizasyon (Publishing and Organization) San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.; with our experienced staff, knowledge and productivity, we are at your service with two bi-monthly magazines Win&ART Proje and ALU&Art, aimed towards pvc and aluminum sectors with doors, windows, roof, facade, glass, insulation, accessories and machinery product ranges.

We also provide to the development of the sector with Domestic & Overseas Fair Special Issues that we prepare for countries and fairs that may be useful to the sector since 2008.

Besides the magazines we publish, we are also serving you by organizing exhibitions, conferences and seminars, domestic & international fair tours, corporate identity work and ad-publicity organizations. We have continued the Door, Window Fair we organized in Iran/ Tehran in 2009 with the Construction Fair in Abuja/ Nigeria. We will continue our fair organizations in 2012 primarily in Iraq, Iran and Nigeria. While continuing these services in the best way possible, we aim to conduct bilateral business meetings in various countries.

At the same time we are organizing from the preparation stage to printing and distribution of the OSB guide that includes product, service, communications, and reference information of companies operating within the scope of Organized Industrial Zones(OSB).


To operate in activities that will contribute to the development of our profession and our industry by keeping quality in the forefront in areas we serve basing it on customer satisfaction and following new developments in the global markets and aiding their implementation in our country.


To provide communication, identify problems and create solutions, serve in the sharing of experience and knowledge in the sector we are in directly or indirectly.


We are fulfilling our part in publishing for the voice of the sector to be heard locally and internationally with great responsibility and discipline.

In this context, our membership to relevant institutions and organizations, especially SEYAD (Sectoral Publishers Association) has continued from the first day we started our publishing life.

We hereby undertake to abide by the rules of ethics of sectoral publishing and provide your company and brand to connect with consumers in a respectable environment.

Intercontinental Bridge of Communication

Win&ART Proje and ALU&Art magazines that hold the pulse of their respective industries continue to be intercontinental bridges of communication. After our Iran and Germany agencies, we are continuing to add dynamism and excitement to the sector with our Nigeria agency. For this purpose, we have started foreign trade activities with the agency we have set up in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. We have acquired all the documents kept mandatory by Nigeria. With this venture, we aim to provide a solid infrastructure to business community that wants to business in Nigeria. Our entrepreneurs will be able to do their commerce with Nigeria through us without the need to prepare documents of their own and conduct all their ventures via our consulting company if they wish to do so.