Always “One Step Ahead” Wıth Innovatıve Solutıons By Vorne

VORNE is a 2002-launched brand of “İleri Pencere ve Kapı Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.”, one of the pioneering Turkish companies in window and door systems, established in 1985 under the name of “İleri Kalıpçılık”.



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Began its journey with the mission of developing innovative solutions and carrying out product and innovation-oriented activities to compete nationally or internationally, VORNE has always targeted at providing users with comfort and safety since the very beginning.

VORNE, today, exports to about 50 countries its world-standard products manufactured in the Advanced Window and Door Systems facilities on an outdoor area of 36 thousand square meter and indoor area of 50 thousand square meter, offering its innovative solutions in window and door systems to the service of consumers all around the world.

100 Percent Local, Deep-Rooted and Strong R&D Center

Innovation and R&D has become two vital elements of the sustainable competition. For VORNE, the basic goals of the R&D center is to increase the number of innovative products, to develop its R&D capacity, as well as to steer the window and opening systems, while contributing to the export goals of our country.

Performance and service life tests of the products designed in the R&D Center are conducted in the prototype testing laboratory contained again in the R&D Center. VORNE protects its genuinely designed and manufactured window and door system products with national or international patents, utility model, and design registration certificates.

Closely keeping up with the opening systems industry across the world, VORNE continues the projects for designing and producing Internet and cloud connected opening system products for the smart homes of the future.

VORNE continues to enjoy the benefits of its investments in the R&D and design activities which were realized by implementing a well-thought plan. Success of VORNE is also certified with the awards, on top of the constantly increasing export figures since 2017 when it enjoyed the status of R&D Center. Export Performance Award, as well as “Stars of Export” Award of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association it has won every year continue to be a driving force for VORNE to set new goals for itself.

Exporting 70% of its production, VORNE targets at growing its production capacity as well as its export volume with the offices and warehouses it opened at abroad.

While targeting at sustaining its competitiveness in the international arena with its world-standard products, VORNE sees it as a national duty beyond a mere business goal. Responsively adapting to the technological advances through its trained and quality human resources as well as the efficient use and development of natural resources, VORNE will continue its organizational transformation and investments to achieve its long-term goal, export to all countries in the world.


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